When taking a look at handguns for concealed carry, there are a few options most people will go towards. Most individuals will pick a semi-auto to carry daily and call it a day. Even though those are great options for the majority of situations, there are a number of places around the country where some may need different firearms to carry. This could range from big bore revolvers to smaller unique pistols that have a very specific purpose. This all started for me last week when my dad started carrying his Kahr Arms CM9 to protect himself against snakes and mountain lions. As a result, we ended up having a fairly lengthy conversation about what’s useful depending on where you’re at. Let’s dive into different guns for different uses in certain parts of the country.

Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep revolver comes standard with a six-round .22 LR cylinder, however, it can be retrofitted with a .22 WMR cylinder (sold separately), too. The ejection of spent cases is done by a separate ejector rod which is included with the gun. The revolver has a fixed front sight and a notch rear sight. Like other small bore Heritage Manufacturing revolvers, this one also has a manual safety located on the left side of the frame, behind the recoil shield. The action is a classic single action only (SAO). The 2.68″ barrel has a 1:10″ twist rate. The Barkeep revolver weighs in at 35.5 oz and has the following dimensions: length – 7.95″, width – 1.5″, height – 4.86″.

The Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep revolver is available in two versions: Barkeep Gray Pearl and Barkeep Custom Scroll Wood. The model names indicate the main difference between the two – the grip material and design. Other than the grips, the only difference between the two models of Barkeep revolver is the frame finish. The Barkeep Gray Pearl has a black oxide frame finish whereas the wood gripped model has a simulated case hardened finish. The cylinders of both models come with a black oxide finish.

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