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JAKARTA, - “Some Minds Don’t Change” adalah salah satu lagu yang dimiliki oleh grup band pop punk asal Amerika Serikat, State Champs.

Lagu tersebut muncul di dalam album studio keempat mereka yang diberi nama Kings of the New Age.

Album yang berisikan 11 trek tersebut dirilis secara resmi pada 2022 melalui label Pure Noise Records.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu “Some Minds Don’t Change” dari State Champs:



| E  | E    B/D#  |



[Verse 1]


Waking up to all of this


You called and said you're over it


But how am I believing it?


I heard my name


You screamed that shit


Why am I the way I am?


I'm constantly the radiance


I'm dealing with the consequence


I want it all or none of it




E    F#m   A

All  of    it

C#m   E    A

All   of   it





I watched you fall away


Evade accountability

          C#m           G#m        A

Given you all that you wanted and more


Now it's all too late


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