Lirik dan Chord Lagu Save the World - George Harrison

George Harrison musisi dan mantan gitaris dari The Beatles
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JAKARTA, – Musikus dan mantan gitaris The Beatles, George Harrison, memopulerkan lagu berjudul “Save the World”.

Lagu bergenre rock tersebut dirilis pada 1973 melalui label rekaman BMG Records.

“Save the World” muncul dalam album studionya yang bertajuk Living in the Material World.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu “Save the World” dari George Harrison:


Capo di fret ke-2

Intro: | A7 | Adim7 | Bm7-5/A |


E               Eaug          | A7 | A7 C#m |
We've got to save the world
G           B7                    Cdim7 E9
Someone else may want to use____it
G                 F#7
So far we've seen
       Bm                                    Dm          E
This planet's rape, how we've abused____it
                       Eaug          | A7 | Adim7 | Bm7-5/A |
We've got to save the world


A                                     E
The Russians have the biggest share
A                                      E7
With their long fingers everywhere
D                                         F#7
And now they've bombs in outer space
D                                Dm        | A7 | Adim7 Bm7-5/A |
With laser beams and atomic waste


A                                      E
Rain forest chopped for paper towels
A                               E7
One acre gone in every hour
D                                       F#7
Our birds and wildlife all destroyed
D                                  Dm          | A7 | Adim7 | Bm7-5/A |
To keep some millionaires employed



A                            E
The armament consortium
A                               E7
They're selling us plutonium
D                                 F#7
Now you can make your own H-bomb
D                                  Dm            | A7 | Adim7 Bm7-5/A |
Right in the kitchen with your mom

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